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The J-Five Consultation Session is a personalized and dynamic interaction designed to empower individuals in their pursuit of growth and goal achievement. Tailored to the individual's aspirations and needs, this session serves as a pivotal moment of guidance, collaboration, and actionable planning within the J-Five Goal Setting Program.


50-Minute Individual Coaching Session

During this 50-Minute J-FIVE Individual Coaching Session, the participant engages with a seasoned J-FIVE coach who specializes in goal setting, personal development, and achievement. The session typically spans 50 minutes, during which the coach and participant engage in a dynamic dialogue aimed at enhancing various aspects of the participant's life, including personal, athletic, and post-secondary goals.


30-Minute Individual Coaching Session

During the 30-Minute J-FIVE Individual Coaching Session, the participant and coach engage in a targeted conversation aimed at addressing key aspects of the participant's goals and aspirations. While shorter in duration compared to longer coaching sessions, this format still provides valuable guidance and actionable insights.


Team/ Organization Coaching Session

A J-FIVE Team/Organization Coaching Session is a collaborative and goal-oriented meeting within the framework of the J-FIVE Goal Setting Program. It involves a group of individuals, such as a team or members of an organization, coming together to work on shared objectives, enhance their collective performance, and align their efforts toward meaningful goals.

You will find exclusive services that enhances the J-FIVE experience, provide added value to participants, and cater to various learning preferences and individual needs. Just ask your J-FIVE Coach or Team Member for more details.


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