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About J-FIVE

The J-FIVE Goal Setting Program is the perfect choice for anyone looking for personalized help in setting and reaching their goals. The five stages of the J-FIVE program encapsulate a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth.







Along with a personal coach, these stages provide participants with a structured path to define their aspirations, set meaningful goals, overcome challenges, and achieve success across personal, athletic, academic, emotional, and social dimensions.


J-FIVE is guided by expert coaches exclusively of                              Participants progress through stages that nurture a growth mindset, foster accountability, and empower them to navigate their journey with purpose and resilience.

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The J-FIVE Story

J-FIVE was inspired by Dr. Nashunda Carr's son, Jay, a then high-school student-athlete who triumphed over challenges to achieve success in personal and athletic realms. Guided by Dr. Carr's expertise in psychology and use of the cognitive behavioral therapy approach,  the J-FIVE Goal Setting Program was born. Named after Jay and his favorite jersey number, the five dimensions it addresses were created. As the program grew, it transformed student-athletes' lives by offering personalized coaching and resources, helping participants set meaningful goals and develop a growth mindset. Jay's journey stands as an inspiring testament to the program's impact, inspiring a community of empowered individuals who thrive in various aspects of life, echoing his success and igniting positive change.


J-FIVE continues to evolve reaching other populations including scholars, with its' Post-Secondary edition, and its Rejuvenation edition (available 2024) addressing the needs of individuals in substance abuse recovery. 


SB, Parent

J5 helped my daughter with time management while playing 3 sports and taking dual enrollment classes.

TD, Student

"J-FIVE's coaching sessions provided me with invaluable insights and guidance. I'm now on track to graduating high school."


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